Crossgrade from Adobe Audition to SL Pro 9

I’ve been lusting over SL Pro9 ever since I messed with SL One which came with my Cubase Pro 12. Unfortunately the $AUD448 was just too expensive for me and the Elements version didn’t have the features that I would use often. I was browsing the Steinberg site hoping I might find a special (I was very disappointed when the Cyber weeks offers didn’t include any SL offers). But I happened on the crossgrade offer and was pleasantly surprised that the crossgrade offer was applicable if you had a standalone version of Adobe Audition. I have Audition 1.5 but it is not installed on the PC that has Cubase installed on. Firstly does anyone know whether this quite old version of Audition qualifies for the crossgrade and what proof do I have to supply? I have the original install CD together with the original serial number. I have my fingers and toes crossed that I can take advantage of this offer because the savings are quite substantial and would enable me to buy SL Pro 9. Thanks for any help.

That’s an old version indeed but the crossgrade says “Adobe Audition (Single App and Creative Cloud subscriptions)”, no version indication. So it seems your license would qualify as “single app”.
Provide all possible proofs : scan of the CD + original serial number, email, proof of purchase, anything you can have. If enough proof is provided this should work.

Thanks Robin - I’m honored to hear from the developer of SL himself - you’re a genius! I was just worried that I buy the crossgrade and then my copy of Audition isn’t accepted and then where do you go from there? But anyway I’ll take a chance because SL is a very valuable app for me and I (and many others I am sure) are so grateful for your hard word in creating it. Thank you.

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If you’re stuck at some point let me know :slight_smile:

Thanks very much Robin - I’ll be making the purchase later today. Best regards, Keith

OK I’ve started the process = I was asked to upload proof of ownership so I scanned the installer cd cover and back (which bears the serial number). I couldn’t find the original receipt - I do recall that it was bought online probably around late '90s or early 2000’s! There was a message saying that the eligibility would be reviewed within two business days and I would be notified by email. So now the wait!

My request for qualification for crossgrade to SL9 was approved. I’ve paid, downloaded, installed and activated and all is working fine! Thanks so much for your input Robin! I’m very happy :smiley:


It’s just a shame I couldn’t use the current crossgrade to Spectralayers 9 using a very recently purchased and activated WaveLab 11.1 Pro. Because the deal they have now would have been a no brainer for me. ( Both together for 299£ )

In the words of Picard - " Make it so "

Maybe ?