Crossgrade from Cubase 8 to Nuendo

Is there any upgrading route from cubase to nuendo?

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Selling Cubase on ebay and using the cash to pay for part of Nuendo. :open_mouth:
Sorry, but I believe that is really the only “upgrade path” you’ll get…

Wow!!! :open_mouth:

Incredible not to have an upgrade route considering Nuendo+Nek is Cubase plus post features.

We have a copy of nuendo+nek, a copy of cubase and we would like to have the exact same nuendo+nek features in our mobile rig.

Come on Steinberg take my money please.

They will… with a new Nuendo license :laughing:

Which is the process of buying and selling second hand as license are stored on mysteinberg?

Start here:

Would be very interested in a cross-grade to Nuendo as well, but I understand if that’s not in the works. I have Cubase Pro 8 and have really loved it. Now strongly considering migrating to Nuendo 7 for my PT HD post production work.

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Hi guys,

in case you are still interested, it is now possible to crossbreed from Cubase to Nuendo:

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Guys… i need the exact opposite. I am a registered Nuendo user that needs (wants) to crossgrade to Cubase. Can it be done? i’m searching but can’t find anything relevant!

That would be pointless since Nuendo has pretty much every function of Cubase.