Crossgrade from ProTools for Student


Is it possible to get a crossgrade price for the Cubase Pro 10 if my ProTools 11 was bought when I was a student and am no longer a student?


Probably not… as the Steinberg process to purchase Edu versions is that you have to submit proof of current Edu eligibility. “Current” means that you have to be a student now.

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Well, I think you would certainly need to be a student NOW to crossgrade to the Educational version of Cubase. Additionally, I am not sure they would give an ADDITIONAL discount anyway (i.e. a discount for crossgrade and another for Educational).
But It is not clear if the product crossgrading FROM must be a full license. Bottom line is that you have to send a picture of the receipt or license anyway so it is worth a try.

I do see that Dorico has a Crossgrade/Educational version in the store but Cubase only has a crossgrade version.

Thank you Prock and Jaslan for your replies! I realised they do crossgrades from Logic Pro too and I have a regular (non-student) version of that and have asked about it in a new thread.