Crossgrade help

I can’t seem to get my crossgrade authorized. I have tried to upload a 1.5 MB JPG picture of my Sibelius CD w/ serial number, but I keep getting the following message:

There was an error uploading the selected file. Please review file type and file size and try again. Alternately, please choose another file.

Is there anything I can do here? Can I e-mail it in or something?

Maybe the file is too big, try a lower resolution …

Or change/convert the format-- .png seems to work.

Thanks Bob

sonantibus, if you’re still having problems after trying to convert to e.g. PNG or PDF and upload that, please email info at steinberg dot net to let them know you’re having problems, and our support team will be pleased to help you.

I have submitted last week my request for cross grade purchase of Dorico 3 with proof of my Sibelius purchase.
I did receive an email explaining that the review would take some 2 working days.
But until today I have not received any approval or whatsoever from Steinberg.
How can I proceed with the purchase. Please help
Thanks and regards,

Welcome to the forum, adityasubekti. Can you please email me at d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de from the email address you used for the verification process, and I’ll ask my colleagues to look into it for you.

…is this still in the offing?

Welcome to the forum, mrcomposer. Certainly you can still purchase a crossgrade to Dorico from either Finale or Sibelius. If you have a specific question, please feel free to ask it.

Thank you so much, Daniel, for the info. Just one more question before cross grading: Does Dorico interface with Garrison Personal Orchestra 5 as an AU or VST?

Yes. The Aria Player can be installed and accessed in the play mode to assign Garritan sounds.

Thank you, Derek, for that. Now here’s hoping Dorico will run on Mac’s Catalina operating system!

I’m not sure MakeMusic has cleared Aria for Catalina compatibility yet.

hi Daniel,
thanks for your assistance.
got my Dorico 3 today, am downloading it now :slight_smile: