Crossgrade purchase in Japan

I tried to buy cross grade of Dorico but i get a message that it is not available in Japan. Is this really the case?

I have been using Dorico on trial basis and it is great, but I already own Sibelius and Finale, so I do not want to pay the full price for Dorico

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Christopher Fryman

The crossgrade is available in Japan, but I believe you may need to either purchase from our Japanese web site (which is, I think, here), or from one of our resellers. Please let me know if you can’t find your way through the Japanese site to buy the software, and I’ll ask one of my colleagues in Hamburg how you should proceed.

Happy New Year Daniel. I remember you so well from Sibelius days.

Re crossgrade purchase, I cannot find it on the Japanese website, so please ask your colleague about it.

Many thanks.

OK, will do. It may take a day or two as people drift back to work after the holidays.

much appreciated.

Not sure if this helps at all…!

Please see attachment–
after clicking on Dorico, and then the “jetzt kaufen” on the Japanese site, I ended up here on what I believe is the German site:

Apologies if this only confuses things…

Happy New Year:) Thanks Bob
Screen Shot 2017-01-01 at 7.27.11 PM.jpg

OK…I think I can see where the confusion is–this is Steinbergs Japan site:

Hopefully this helps, as Ive run out of ideas to help :slight_smile:

Thanks Bob

Hi Bob,

Thanks for your suggestions. The Japanese site shows the main price, not the cross grade price, which is what I am looking for. Daniel is going to help with this.

Happy New Year


Screen Shot 2017-01-01 at 11.26.31 PM.png
Hi Christopher-

Thanks! :slight_smile:

And Im able to see the cross grade price by clicking on the radio button on that page–pls see attachment.

Is that there when you view it?

Thanks Bob

steinberg grab.png
Hi Bob,

The Japanese site in Japan does not show the radio button for cross grade.

thanks for looking at this. seems like the sites are different depending on which country you are looking from.

Now that is confusing…:slight_smile:

Im sure they’ll straighten it out Christopher-thanks for letting me know :slight_smile:

Thanks Bob

Thanks Bob

Yes. I am sure they will straighten things out.

the screenshots show shopping cart with cross grade item

then proceed to checkout show error message product not available in my country. Japan
shopping cart 2.jpg
screenshot shopping cart .jpg

I’ve checked with our web store manager, and she tells me that apparently the decision has been taken in Japan not to offer the crossgrade for sale at all, either from our online shop or from resellers, though I don’t think this can be quite right. I don’t think you will be able to buy from our online shop in the near future, but I believe the crossgrade is available from resellers in Japan, e.g. from here.

I will continue to look into this and see if I can get to the bottom of this. It looks like there has been some misunderstanding somewhere along the line.

I also got in touch with a Japanese user who had posted on Twitter a couple of weeks ago that he had bought the crossgrade, and he told me that he purchased his crossgrade from here.

Thank you. I much appreciate that you spend your time on this problem.

Musician Friend in USA is also selling it. If I bought it there, would there be a problem about activating it?

No, I don’t believe you would have a problem activating it if you bought it in the US, but I know that there have been customers in Japan purchasing software from the US in the past, and these days we try to make sure that there is little or no pricing incentive to import software into Japan from the US. The product you would receive buying from Japan is exactly the same as that you would receive buying from the US, with the exception of a Japanese language slipcover that has been substituted by our colleagues in Japan. So I would recommend buying from a reseller in Japan unless you have a really compelling reason not to do so.

If it is a download, then there is no concern about a slipcover, plus I am only using the software in English.

The price from Musicians Friend is actually a bit less than in Japan. Plus if Steinberg will not sell the cross grade, I wonder what pricing incentive means in that case.