Crossgrade Question from Cubase 11 to Nuendo 11

Hi all,

I’m thinking of Crossgrading from Cubase - mainly due to Atmos capabilities. I’m uneasy about Cubase no longer opening and my client’s projects being able to open from various Cubase versions over the years. I often move between a second home installation with Cubase 10.5 on there. Are there any known issues with moving projects from Nuendo to Cubase and back again? Do I lose anything by going to Nuendo in terms of Cubasefeatures?
Also, are updates of Nuendo more expensive than Cubase or the same?
Cubase 11.0.3 just got released. Is the current version of Nuendo behind or in front of Cubase maintenance updates?
Any thoughts about whether Atmos will make it into Cubase anyway?



I don’t think so, at least for the near future…

Mostly it’s behind by some days or weeks,
it depends on the additional features and the bug fixes related to these

Not as far as I know…

Thanks for your reply.

I am about to crossgrade to Nuendo from Cubase 10.5 and while there are some things that affect me (namely no textual information is exported with notes, via MIDI); this may also be the case with C11 but I never trialled that software to know since 10.5 contained stability updates, developed for C11 (no other company cares about older versions like SB) so I didn’t need to in the end…

The codebases’ of both programs is the same, with feature updates slightly behind but that should not be an issue, if the feature set you need pertains to a specific application.

The updates for Nuendo are more expensive, but there is inherent value in paying for a program that gets compatibility updates even after new versions have been developed (specifically Cubase, since Nuendo gets all quality updates from Cubase anyway).

I purchased a Nuendo license during the Special that recently occurred, which made the price similar to what an upgrade would normally be, e.g., had I already owned a Nuendo license, so in the big picture the price is worth it if you want the features on offer (for me it’s all about ADR).

Hope that helps


if you “interoperate” projects e.g. daily between Nuendo and Cubase, I would be a bit cautious, if you use speaker layouts beyond 5.1 (Cubase limit).

And this limit of 5.1 speaker layout for Cubase implies, that it will never get Dolby Atmos as long as 5.1 remains to be the limit.

LG, Juergi