Crossgrade question

This is clearly related to a number of existing threads, but seems to me to be slightly different enough to warrant a new thread on the topic.

I have been saving my dollars toward buying a new laptop on which to run Dorico, before buying the application. Unfortunately I will not have enough saved to do so before the crossgrade purchase price expires at the end of this month. I also can’t afford NOT to buy at the crossgrade price. So I’m in a pickle.

Are there any ‘gothcas’ involved in buying the software at the crossgrade price before I’m able to install it? (It won’t run on my current machine.) I would estimate late July or even late August as the earliest I can afford hardware capable of running it.

It’s fine to buy the software and then not install it. If you buy the boxed version, you will have everything you need to install the software at the point you have the hardware to run it on: all you really need is the activation code that is printed on a label stuck to a card in the package. If you buy the download version, then you simply need to keep safe the activation code that will be sent to you.

For safety, I would recommend that you create a MySteinberg account if you don’t already have one, and when you receive your activation code, register your product by entering your activation code into the MySteinberg account. That way, you can always be assured of retrieving your activation code or using our self-service tools to help you with re-activation if necessary, without having to contact our support team and wait for their response.