Crossgrade requirements

I’d like to have whatever is asked for from a Sibelius user at the ready when I go online to purchase Dorico.
So what should I have ready?

I believe the web team are still finalising the pages that will explain this in detail, but the basic gist of it is this: you need to upload a picture that shows your eligibility. An original purchase receipt with your name on it would certainly do, or a screengrab of the account management pages at either or showing your license number, or something along those lines. You can rest assured that none of the information you supply is ever used for any purpose other than verifying your eligibility for the crossgrade.

Hopefully the information won’t be digitized and saved once the qualification is approved. Hacking is so easily done!

Also question to the crossgrade offer: Will an option be easily available to also purchase the dongle if one choses?

If you buy the boxed version of Dorico, you will receive a USB-eLicenser in the box. If you buy the download version of Dorico, you can choose to buy a USB-eLicenser from us at the same time, and we will ship it to you, though depending on where in the world you are, it may be cheaper to buy the USB-eLicenser from a reseller or dealer in your own country.

I’m wondering what I would need to show for the crossgrade price. As of this writing, I have the latest version of Sibelius (8.4.2). However, when I go to and bring up my account, it clearly indicates what I have but does so without listing my name (I find this to be very odd and an oversight on their part)! In any case, will this be sufficient info to obtain the crossgrade price for Dorico?