Crossgrade to Cubase 7?

Hey guys I am considering an upgrade to the studio. Nuendo seems to have moved away from users like me. Originally it seemed that Nuendo was here for the Recording/Mixing engineer…but with them throwing the word POST around so much…I feel like I have been left out of the cool persons club.

I mainly record and mix entire albums for rock bands. My core business in the studio. Plus I do a lot of songwriting.
Cubase seems to have more options for me including some VSTi Synths that seem nice.

But I have couple of of questions:

  1. If I switched will I have a reduced feature set (again, I am not a post guy). Will I notice anything gone?
  2. Does steiny have a crossgrade offer from Nuendo to Cubase? (I am running 5.1 currently).

Dennis in Memphis

Hi Dennis,

I don’t think there is an offcial crossgrade, but you can always ask your local dealer.
As far as missing things … crossfade editor & multiple marker tracks come to mind.


Crossfade Editor…don’t use it
Never used Marker Tracks either.

When you say local dealer, do you mean local to USA? Like Yamaha/Steinberg? OR are you referring to local retailer like Sweetwater or Guitar Center?