Crossgrade to Nuendo - Grace Period

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as the support team seems to be overloaded due to Corona and home office I wanted to ask this here:

I currently have a license for Cubase 8.5 Pro and would like to crossgrade to Nuendo. I also heard from some threads that the Nuendo 11 release will be available SOON and therefore I wanted to know whether I will be eligible for the Grace Period when I do the crossgrade.

Is that the case?

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The last grace period was about 40 days, so I guess it’s a matter of how much you want to gamble on what “soon” might actually mean.

I really don’t think Nuendo v11 will be released “soon”. If I remember correctly the “soon” referred to another update of v10, not a full big upgrade.

Hmm I’ve read something like “Whether the next update will be 10.5, we’ll see…” or something like that and concluded there will be no 10.5 next but rather 11. And in some other thread someone said there’s already an RC build of Nuendo under test. I don’t know the exact development cycle at Steinberg but RCs are usually stable and feature-complete releases.

Or was my interpretation too forward there? :smiley:

Maybe I remember it wrong then. I was thinking they would do another x.5 update and then a full later in the year. I guess v10 is about 1 year old now so if they come out with v11 this month or next they’ve greatly cut down on development time (or included new features).

Either way it doesn’t really address your original question though, so I’ll be quiet.

I wouldn’t gamble on anything releasing soon.

There is never going to be a guarantee that your grace period will overlap a new release. They just want you to buy it sooner than later so they get paid. Business.

Or maybe just my interpretation was blatant garbage. :unamused:
I think you’re right, I was being too euphoric.

Well currently, having more money doesn’t give you an advantage as you’ll more than likely have to pay because of negative interest rates. :laughing:
I was just hoping I could do some composing soon as my Cubase 8.5 barely runs on latest Windows 10 :confused:

But so far nobody knows whether Crossgrades are eligible for the Grace Period, which really is the most important requirement for all the gamble to work anyways. :mrgreen:

True that. Nobody is answering your question. I felt guilty so I looked it up and it would seem so based upon Steinberg’s verbiage. Here is the official statement.

Grace Period
Customers who activated a product shortly before the release of a newer version are eligible for a free Grace Period update to the new version.

Since you would be activating a Steinberg product I would find it difficult for them to deny your cross grade eligibility. Of course I’m applying logic which is probably a terrible idea.

@Getalife2 Thanks for your great input!
Applying logic is indeed a quite random endeavor so I will take it with a grain of salt. :smiley:

Technically speaking, I am only registering a new product and the old license will be invalidated, that is my understanding? So that really should be the case.

Yes you are absolutely activating a product. A legal take on their verbiage says the Grace Period should apply.

The only caveat would be the automated eligibility assessment link on that page. There could be some sort of clause down that food chain that overrides logic. And since you apparently cannot use that automated Eligibility Assessment function until you have the license in question, we are back to where we started…lacking a direct answer from official Steinberg I suppose.

I see we can only speculate whether it is 100% guaranteed that the grace period applies. I will wait for an official response then and keep you updated when it arrives.
Furthermore, it seems many open questions will be answered tomorrow and even the Nuendo 11 release should have been just around the corner:

It’s getting interesting here. :astonished:

Wow, that 10.3 thing really came to my rescue. I just bought my crossgrade for a truly amazing price! Hopefully the upgrade offer for Nuendo 11 will not be horrendous. :stuck_out_tongue:
Don’t think waiting for the next major release and speculating on the grace period would have been a good idea.