Crossgrades to Dorico 4

Is the crossgrade from Sibelius Ultimate to Dorico 4 available to people ware using Sibelius on yearly subscription.

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shoul be
Is the crossgrade from Sibelius Ultimate to Dorico 4 available to people are using Sibelius with a yearly subscription.

Yes, it is. You will need to submit proof of eligibility in the form of a receipt or other similar proof of purchase that shows you have an annual subscription.

I am sorry. I was a bit confused about which of my subscriptions is yealy and which is monthly. I have had a monthly subscription to Sibelis Ultimate for nearly 2 and a half years. I would like to know if the crossgrade offer applies to monthly subscriptions scriptions as well

Yes, provided you can show that you have been subscribed for more than 12 months, absolutely!

I have run into a bit of trouble with this. I have just received an email saying my verification request was successful. But there is no information as to how to proceed now.
If I click on the continue shopping link I just get caught up in a loop where I am asked again to ‘Initiate Verification Request’.
Does anyone know how to proceed in this sort of case.
Also the email says I have been sent a password (in another email). No such email has arrived
Should I just sit tight and wait for my password or is the system broken?

Checked your spam folder?

Good point! But no email from Steinberg in spam folder
Have you been through this sort of process before. i.e/ would you still be expecting an email from Steinberg with a password 12 hours after the original?

I’ve consolidated these posts with your existing thread about buying a crossgrade from Sibelius – no need to open a new thread.

The expected procedure is that you receive by email from AskNet both a password (in one email) and then confirmation that your verification is complete (in a separate email). You click the Continue shopping link in that email, and you complete the checkout process and make your payment.

If you didn’t receive the email with the password, you should be able to reset your password by visiting this link. Once you have reset your password, you should be able to return to the Continue shopping link, sign in, and complete your purchase.

Thanks Daniel. I now am having a problem with my credit card which seems to require manual processing to be solved so I am having to sit tight and wait a couple of days whilst Asknet approves my payment.
I think it’s just a matter of time though now that Steinberg has approved y eligibility for the crossgrade.
Thanks again for your help

Sorry for the double post, but here goes
I just now tried to submit a support ticket to the Steinberg shop by using the suport form accessed from the dorico home page. I was unable to log in on this page . The system would not recognise my email address for the purpose of resetting my password. Does anybody know whethe the login on this page is supposed to be accessible to all Steinberg clients or only Asknet’s professional clients. If not the latter I am completely flumoxed!

Note for Daniel
I would like to notify you that my forum name has changed from 'asterism87 'to ‘Julian_C’.
This came about I think because in the process of creating a Steinberg ID for the forums I was forced to use a different email address to the one I had been using. (The Steinberg forum ID process said that my default email address was ‘not a valid email address’ so I substituted an old email address and created my new Steinberg ID with it).
It was only when I went to the forums and made a post that I found that my NEW forum name was Julian_C which was the forum name I was using a long time ago when I was enrolled in the forum under the substituted email address.
(Incidentally I would like to have my forum ID email address changed back to what it was.
Is this possible?)
I am also unclear as to what aspects of my dealings with Steinberg have been transferred to the new address as I am in the middle of purchasing Dorico 4 Pro and don’t know if the whether my newly created Steinberg ID will affect the communication between the Steinberg shop and myself with my purchase interrupted through my own carelessness and needing to be completed ‘manually’

The Steinberg online shop uses an independent email address and password, so changing your creating a new Steinberg ID won’t have any impact on your purchase of the software.

If you want to send me a private message with both of your Steinberg ID addresses and let me know which one you want to use from now on, we may be able to do something to combine them or at least remove one of them.

I can’t see any button or link for a Private Message on this page

Click Daniel’s name or icon in his last reply, and you should get a pop-up with more info and a button that says “Message”.

Click on Daniel’s picture and you’ll see a message option.

Edit: Lillie beat me to it.

Thanks! Found it