Crosshair settings + scrollbar settings; must set it again and again

my english;

how do you say it clear: when i set the crosshair and freqeuncy information, and me like that the scrollbar can visible. so i check them all.

it isn’t remembered across projects, nor saved with the projects, nor saved with spectralayers, the last you expect to… it seems a global setting, but i can be per project. but no go…

(perhaps i am missing something. and the workflow wow, so improved, i repeat myself here, but it is now so much more fun to experiment… but this is workflow breaker… a small one, i confess…)

Hi @Howl yes it can be a little confusing, but you can set what you want as default in SpectraLayers preferences (Edit > Preferences if you’re on Windows), then go to the Display tab, and check all 3 options. Then next time SpectraLayers start, it will have all 3 checked by default.

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aha, of course, i didn’t check what was in the preferences, well some things, but still. it is logical.


EDIT: also the grid i can set. never saw it… well, i will repeat, so much pleasure, to make new sounds now… so much faster…
and will of course also as an ARA extension, i don’t do that often, but maybe, if i activate Pro 12 (cubase, which can do ARA, what was it, but it is for me important, haha), i will use it more often, to do sounddesign within Cubase…)