Crossing of notes - piano

Hi everyone
I am trying to cross the notes as in the example shown by the manual.
D incr note

By following the instructions the notes are actually moved from one staff to the other but retain the additional cuts instead of assuming the position on the staff.

How can I get this?
I have a D note in the treble clef that corresponds to the 3rd staff of the bass clef as a pitch. I would like it to be written precisely on the bass clef, with the temple lengthening in the treble clef

D exmpl

To cross notes downwards, it’s M. (The example in the First Steps guide is upwards, which is N.)

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Thank you Lillie…I must have changed some keyboard commands …

Maybe double-check in Preferences > Key Commands because N/M are the default English key commands – apologies for not including that clarification in my previous comment!

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