Crowd chanting effect

Does anyone know how I can create a large crowd chanting a word or phrase effect? I have Cubase LE 7


The best way to do this would be to get a group of friends together with a multidirectional mic to give this gang vocal effect. I just did this for my most recent song, and it worked really well.

If you cannot get access to this, you will just have to layer the word one by one. Except this is really difficult, because you will have to say it slightly different each time, otherwise the vocals will just lay directly on top of one another and sound the same. It won’t really sound like a crowd that you’re looking for.

Have a few plugs from these guys. The Rayspace is incredible plugin. They have this and I am sure it is unique to but I don’t own it

I don’t want to get anyone into trouble, but I steal/rip this kind of noise from wherever I can, and blend them into indistinguishable human chatter. Same with applause.

This is the easy way out: