Crowd funded updates

It there ANY way we can make this happen??

Do you realise how life changing it would be if cubase could…

Have audio warp in the project window.

have the abilty to connect with an ipad for audio warp, pitch correct, mixer and drawing automation.

Channels in the mixer can be moved around normally like in protools!!! (should be like that any way. it’s pretty disgraceful)

Take within lanes can be cycled using mouse scroll wheel or some shortcut key. Just snip and cycle through takes for that section.

please . please for the love of god. please find a way of making these things happen this century. We’ll pay for it.
Put things to a vote. Pledge style. We all donate and then when the target is reach the exact things we want get implemented in a special update. The audio worlds perception of steinberg would be that of a very forward thinking company if you did this.