Crush when loading a project.

I have a big problem with a Nuendo project.
I trying to open it and it crashes every time when trying to load something, some bad vst probably.
The thing is that I don’t know which one it is. I tried to load backup projects and early versions, but again and again, it crashes and I need to work.

What can I do?

I tried also back up projects, on different computers, even on Cubase 10. crush every load.

This is one subject that is not easy to tackle. I am not surprised there are no responses.

I have the same problem with Cubase. the latest Windows update caused this. I really regret updating.

Fire it up in safe mode!


Any tips Fredo?

It will real nice to have an option to load a project without the vsts (as in Pro tools).

Press shift + Alt + Ctrl/command right after you have clicked the exe.


Same problem here. I should not have updated.