Crying- Roy Orbison cover

Hi guys,
Here’s a cover of Crying by Roy Orbison that I did in Cubase Essential 5.

Thanks for listening.

Really nicely done. Beautiful vocals, and a great intimate arrangement that builds when warranted. Really nice.

Beautiful vocals and arrangement really captures the emotion of this great tune. Truly different and worth listening to

yes very good.

Sorry to sound negative here, but when i joined this site i was told by a Moderator that you were only allowed to post ORIGINAL material on here. i asked the question because i had lots of ‘arrangements’ i had made and wanted to check first before posting. But was advised that such postings were strictly not allowed ??

i thought that was the title of the tune “Crying- Roy Orbison cover” ,who`s Roy Orbison . lol :mrgreen: :confused:

DON’t U dArE lol



Man… That was really good.

Great cover - you add another dimension to a very famous song and give it new life. Michael. Nice vocals!

Nice…but I’d rather hear original material…Kevin

Really like the vocals on this and the arrangement is most cool.

Thanks for the feedback guys, very much appreciated. Did not mean to cause any controversy by posting a cover…
(original material with different vocalist here:

No worries. i think its just that this site does wants to keep the thread to original material for obvious reasons. Cheers.

It’s true that covers aren’t allowed here UNLESS you’ve paid the appropriate fees etc. If this is intended for commercial release, then you’re expected to do that… Mrs. Orbison could use the money. If not, however, I personally don’t have any issue with posting covers here, hell, I’ve done it :laughing:

Regarding the song: I am shocked, shocked I say, that I am the only one hearing the gate opening and closing on the vocalist. It’s really annoying, which is too bad because she’s a fine singer.

Haha, well there’s no gate but I know what you mean. One of the tubes in my mic was dodgy, resulting in a much higher noise floor than there should have been, but I didn’t realise until after the recording. I just tried to edit it out as smoothly as possible. As you say, she is a fine singer, and for me the vocal still shines through.

This one really hit the sweet spot for me. Beautiful (and original) production, every detail of her vocal stylings
and delivery were sublime. the Strings and deep percussion on the chorus - then the pauses…beautiful tension
there. Well done!

I’m interested in hearing a tasteful reinterpretation of an old song as much as I’m interested in hearing new material.
A good song is a good song - and often you’ll find as many surprises in a remake as you’ll find in a new song.
In fact, I’m sure Roy would’ve loved this tribute to him!

I stumbled across a beautiful remake of the Moody Blues’ ‘Nights in White Satin’ by soul singer Bettye LaVette.
When Justin Hayward heard it, he said " Check out Bettye LaVette’s version of ‘Nights In White Satin’. I was 19 when I wrote it, but 64 when I heard it for the first time - through Bettye!" :sunglasses:

Yes! Perfect example of a cover that exceeds the original.

Another one (IMO) is Etta James’ version of “Welcome to the Jungle” :sunglasses:

Oh – also, check out Shirley Bassey’s great version of the 70’s pop tune “Alone Again (Naturally)” which makes the original come off like a smaltzy, pointless throw-away (which it kinda was)