Crystal + PQ List errors

Odd one… I have a Montage with 48K/32bit files, with Crystal in the application master slot converting to 44.1, followed by an instance of PSP Xenon to decimate to 16 bits. The timeline reads properly in the montage, and the rendered DDP file also knows what time it is. But…

When I create a text track list from the CD tool with the settings above, it renders time as based on # of samples. IOW time locations are entirely wrong, rendered as longer songs (based on # samples/48,000), ignoring the settings of Crystal. So the only way to get an accurate PQ list for that montage is to render a DDP fully, import it back into WL8, then generate a new list from the rendered DDP.

I realize this could be consider a nuisance or even not-bug on a technical level. But to me this is a pretty big issue… I Master for iTunes, so MOST projects I do start life as higher than 44.1K. Frequently we send PQs to labels and artists for graphics, before we have an approve disc. If I’m bouncing these before rendering a completed project, I shouldn’t have to wait for large portions of an hour just to get a PQ list, especially considering that the timeline already has the correct data displayed!

This is a big deal. I understand the source of the problem (CD blocks are based on 44K samples), but this is a fairly minor arithmetic challenge in the big scheme of things. It must be fixed asap.

I cant test this now, but i guess you found a bug. Are you speaking about the .cue file that wavelab generates, or the cd report tool?

I’m speaking about the text list in the CD panel… I guess that’s the “Audio CD Report” tool based on window label. Odd little bug. :wink:

It’s the raw text portion. It would be great if the raw text could handle sampling rates other than 44.1 correctly because I have the same issue, having to use the raw text from montages other than 44.1.