Crystal Resampler bug

Dear Sir or Madame,
i would like to post bug, i am facing, in Crystal Resampler Master plugin,
when set to frequency 22.050 ( working in 32.bit float ) there is no sound when i Play the file,
also when i render file the file is 22.050 wav with 32.bit float, but contains silence for the whole timeline.
Tryied with Peak Master and without, results the same.

When i Mute all previous plugins : Studio EQ, MultibandCompressor and Maximizer it works OK !

i have set audio properties correctly to mono 32bit 22.050…

Thanks for solving this issue,

have a nice day



Do you mean your audio device supports 22 050 Hz with WL7 ?
Windows or OSX ?

I did a short test file, sine, stereo, 22 050 Hz 32 bit float
can’t playback with OSX and built-in audio WL 7 doesn’t let me, but
using Crystal Resampler in Master Section set to 44 100 Hz
no problem to playback audio file.

regards S-EH

i am on iMac OSX 10.8.2, working on Built-in output device.

  1. no sound from crystal resampler, when there are other mastering plugins i mention earlier
  2. when i resample in another step without mastering plugins only with peak master, i got crazy results:
    a. file is correct, 32.bit float, 22.050 length (timing) OK,
    b. sounding with very slow speed like changed pitch about 2 octaves or so…

Wavelab version 7.2.1 latest

I am mastering for iPad and iPhone devices, encoding into aac.

My advice would be to always work in a supported sample rate, and render to the output format you need. Saves many headaches.

… also plugins order is:
studio EQ
MultiBand Compressor
Crystal Resampler
Pear Master

audio settings indicator is set correctly, 32bit float 22.050, also all metering shows only first bit, all the time play is active.


Yes, also tryied this way, and get bad results, with pitch down about 24 semitones…

I think you can work with 22 050 Hz audio file but
better still work with 44 100 Hz audio file and as Arjan say’s above
then use Crystal Resample / Render to 22 050 Hz finale audio file

then when playback this 22 050 Hz file insert Crystal Resampler plug-in at 44 100 Hz
then there should not be any pitch or speed problems

keep in mind to Resample when needed to support your Audio Device
with odd sample frequences

regards S-EH