Crystal Resampler montage work flow?

How do I put together a montage with audio files that are 24bit/48k? I was under the assumption that you would use the Crystal Resampler plug-in in the master section. When I try to import files in the montage, an error message comes up about checking the sample rate.

You have to change the montage to 48K (bottom right) before adding the 48k files. When you make a new montage it’s probably defaulting to 44.1.

Thanks bob99,

I’m still uncertain / missing something.
If I open a new montage at 48K, how do I burn a cd at 44.1? I assumed the Crystal Resampler as a plug-in in the Master section would do this, but I get the error message about the audio files not being 44.1.

There are a couple different ways to do it, and it’s sort of automated with suggestions/tips along the way in Wavelab 8 so you can do it ‘direct’ from a 48K montage in Wavelab 8 (which I think makes an intermediate temporary file).

But if you’re using Wavelab 7, I would suggest:
in the master section:

  1. Crystal Resampler ultra set to 44.1 out.
  2. Peak Master at 0.
  3. A dither plugin in the dither section set to 16 bit

Then Render with settings:
“Whole montage”
“Copy markers”
“Create CD image and cue-sheet”
“Open in new montage”

set file format to 44.1 16 bit wav.

I believe that will pass through titles, cd text, isrc, etc. you might have entered in the 48K montage.

Then when the render is done, it will open in a new 44.1 16 bit dithered montage, and you can burn to CD or DDP directly from that montage (using no additional dither or plugins).

You might look in the Help menu for official ways to do it, but I couldn’t find anything about an official procedure when dealing with 96/48, etc montages, down to DDP or CD in Wavelab 7. But the above should work ok.