Crystal Resampler- The input sample rate is not supported

Hey all

Got a bunch of samples in that all need to be set to 16/44.1. Most can be done by using the Batch Processor by setting up a Crystal Resampler and a UV22 in the processing chain. However some are at really strange sample rates (i.e. 29400, 14589, etc…) and the batch processing fails for these. Moving into the Audio File view to get a closer look and using the Crystal Resampler throws up the error message given in the thread title.

It’s possible to change the sample rate by loading up a file in the Audio File view and using “Process >> Convert Sample Rate” or “Edit >> Audio Properties” but there are close to 1000 of these samples at odd rates and I really want to use the Batch Processor for the sake of my mouse hand and my sanity.

Anything that can be done here?

Sorry, the Crystal Resampler can only work with standard sample rates (a limited pair of frequencies allow to fine tune each conversion).

Hey PG, thanks for the info. Shame it wasn’t what I was looking for but these are the breaks I guess! I’ll see whether I can find another SRC plugin that might be able to handle this before I prepare myself for a long day manually changing rates.

Wish me luck!