CS-80 V4 doesn't show up under "No VST Instruments"

I successfully installed and registered CS-80 V4 but it does not show up under the “No VST Instruments” menu as described here: https://support.arturia.com/hc/en-us/articles/4405741375506-How-to-insert-an-instrument-in-my-favourite-DAW-
Anyone having the same problem?

Please run the Arturia Software Center and make sure that the plug-in is actually installed. Restart Cubase.

CS-80 shows “activated” in ASC:

Restarting Cubase didn’t help either.

Click on it. If there’s an uninstall button, try uninstalling and reinstalling again. Don’t change the VST 3 folder if it gives you the option to, it should be installed into C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3

Followed your instructions, but it didn’t solve the issue. I then deactivated the license and activated and installed CS-80 on another computer with Cubase installed where everything looks fine! So I must have still a problem on my primary computer.
Many thanks for your help!

Found the problem. You need to select “Default” in the VST Plug-in-Manager in the VST Instruments section!