CSA layout on Apple Magic Keyboard

I’m about to buy a keyboard for an iPad and plan on doing some work on Dorico when travelling from time to time.

Are there any known compatibility issues/challenge with the CSA layout (the French Canadian qwerty layout plus a few added keys for the diacritic)?

It’s not possible to remap the keyboard on an iPad, neither is it possible alternate between different layout like on a computer.

There are no known issues, but that doesn’t mean that there are no issues! We’ve not had any specific reports from French Canadian users with shortcuts etc. on iPad, but it’s also not something we specifically test for or support, so you may run into some issues.

Is it possible to change shortcuts and to assign function to other keys in Dorico for iPad?

If so, I’m sure that I could get around any struggle I’m thinking about easily!

Yes, the Key Commands page of Preferences is included in Dorico for iPad, so you have at least some control over shortcuts.

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