CSH Files

Hi guys,

We mixed a Theater show today and noticed that CSH files were created even to the size of 931MB.
All 16 tracks were 48Khz16/Bit, a total of 1hour 25 minutes of material.
Does anybody know what kind of data a CSH file represents and why the files turn out this big in the end? (the files grow bigger over mixing time, first CSH file was 190MB last one was 931 MB)

The manual says that the CSH file has something to do with the images files of waveforms, but if we delete the images folder the waveforms are being recreated. So they are not stored in the CSH file. The manual also mentions that a CSH file represents “other data that can be recreated”. Does anybody know what kind of data?

Thanx & cheers!

I’ve never gotten a 100% clear explanation what they do. I think they are cache files for waveforms.
So both the images files and the .csh are needed.
BUT, the .csh file can go corrupt, often happens when they get large. Delete it, and re-open the project.
This often makes the project faster to open/save.


Aren’t they created to hold unsaved audio file edits? And I thought they would be in the Edits folder.