CSV File issues

Hi everybody,

I don’t know if I missed something but I’d like to use the CSV file to do a cue sheet for QA report.
When I open the CSV file with Excel or Number(Mac) the number are different that what I can read in the ADR Panel. Also when I click on the cell it appear that those number are not read correctly. Hour read as day, min as hour and so on. For instance I get 00:02:02:15 which is supposed to be 2min2sec15 but actually it shows up as 2h2min15sec.
But the main issue is not that actually, the time code is wrong or well, let say not in hour:min:sec:ms like we can read in the ADR panel.
For instance, a have a cue starting at 0:53:03:369(in nuendo - ADR panel) and end at 0:55:12:516 but when I open the CVS file in the note pad or Excel or number the numbers that I can find are different, for that example I can read for the time in: 00:54:00:03(0:53:03:369 in Nuendo) and for the time out: 00:55:09:06(0:55:12:516 in Nuendo).

I’m a bit confused, maybe I did something wrong.

I’ll be very happy if someone can help me with that matter.

Thanks in advance.