Ctrl Click midi data to lock horizontally to drag not working

Hi there! In the past I could use Command Click and drag events and it would lock it to either vertical or horizontal movement. But now nothing happens when I use Command Click. I’ve seen posts saying you need to Ctrl Click, but that brings up the Right Click menu. Any suggestions? Do I need to disable Right Click on my trackpad?

Thank you!

Macbook Pro Late 2015. Cubase 12, Trackpad

It seems to work, here, using the Ctrl key, but I have a Windows 10 based system. Beside this, have you checked again, in the Preferences > Edting > Tool modifiers panel, the Drag & Drop behavior ?

Cmd+Click should do it on MAC.

Thank you for your response. I checked the preferences and it says command/click should do the trick, but it doesn’t constrain in any direction… SO weird…

Thank for the screenshots. I had read that in the manual, but it still doesn’t do it…

I think you must press Ctrl after clicking, holding down the mouse button and initiating the move to either the x or y direction?

And just like that, ggmanestraki solves the problem! Thank you so much. Can’t believe it was such a simple solution! :smiley:

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A good thing that I remembered right. Most of this modifier stuff I don’t even think about, I just let my fingers do dances until what I want happens. :sweat_smile: