ctrl-click troubles

In the project window, historically pressing the [ctrl]-click modifier whilst hovering the mouse over a sample produced the ‘local’ play feature, to preview only that sample.

For some odd reason it has stopped working and despite my efforts I haven’t been able to restore it. The obvious place to look was [Preferences] [Tool Modifiers] [Select Tool] but it seems there are only three entries here, where I would expect to find four?

As an example, holding down the [Alt] key yields the cut tool and clicking makes the cut, so did the ctrl do with the ‘play tool’. Alas no more! I’ve gone through the preferences and key commands, including resetting these but still no luck.

Any help restoring this function would be appreciated.

I’m not sure if this will help or not, but the tools are now default mapped to numbers. So the play/scrub tool is mapped to 9. So hit 9 and the cursor becomes the play tool. Hitting 9 then toggles play/scrub. I’m not sure why it is not in the modifiers anymore. But, it isn’t. But, now that I’m used to it, there isn’t much difference between hitting an action key as opposed to a modifier key. I use 1->9 for other things … I choose the tool from the menu.