Ctrl+Clicking Send should flip between Reset and 0db or vice versa (depending on user default)

Hi, this would be a small little workflow increase

As it is currently, Ctrl+Clicking on a Send Level will reset it to the user default, the user default options being either InfOff, or, 0db.

But it would be handier being able to flip between User Default Reset, and then clicking again to get the opposite.

My use case is, I’ve decided on having my default set at InfOff - just suits my workflow. Don’t want to get blasted with FX at high level, often want to gradually bring up send level, sometime am automating, etc, etc.

But then, I also want to sometimes send 100%/0db as I’ll be adjusting the level with the actual FX Channel Level.

Obviously, riding the level to precisely 0db is a waste of time… so the method is to double click to enter the data, hit 0 and press enter.

That’s - 2 clicks and 2 key presses

my suggestion is one modified click.


the way it would work is,
1st modified click is always reset
send level is already at user default reset level

in which case, it goes to the opposite.