Ctrl controls snap

In cubase it part of the initial setup that when holding down ctrl and moving an event, snap is witch off.

How can I avoid that ? As I want to use Ctrl for something else.

I have tried checking around in ‘editing tool modifier’ but couldn’t find anything.

Best - Thomas

If you go to Key Commands under edit you can assign whatever keys that you want. There are a couple of presets as well if you are coming from another DAW that allows you to retain a lot of keyboard commands that you may be used to.

drgamble. thanks for your input :wink:. Reamark that I am not talking ‘normal’ snap on/off. I am talking about snap related to only moving events which initial setting is set to ctrl in Cubase.

So can you tell me what that one is called ? and where to find it either in prefs or in keycommands.

I think maybe you are talking about nudging events? That would be under navigation.

I am not talking about nudging.

I am talking about when I move an event with my mouse (and snap is on). If I hold ctrl down at the same time it switches off snap. I want to avoid that.

Do you understand what I mean ?


ctrl is hard-coded to Suspend Snap. You’ll have to use a different modifier.