ctrl modifier unaligns midi when drag from chord track to midi track

This issue occurs when using the ctrl (PC) modifier to drag chords from the chord track to a midi track. By using the ctrl modifier I expect to maintain the same position on the timeline.

currently using 9.5.21

repro steps
1 create a chord track and a midi track
2 with quantize on, create some chords that are hard quantized
3 with mouse, use L-click hold to start dragging all chords to midi track
4 add the ctrl modifier still holding L-click and hover mouse to the midi track you created
5 let go L-mouse
6 result is chords are now offset like in the screen capture


sometimes the new midi is aligned too ahead or too behind depending how your mouse is used.


I tested this now. You are right it doesn’t work. Actually we expect it should work, because before you release the mouse, the snapping is working (the cursor is snapped). I will report this as a bug.