Ctrl + R is not working

hello everyone
i use CTRL + R for render in please
my R controll is working and my CTRL control is working
but toghther the CTRL + R is stopped working i need help please

Open Key Commands, put your cursor in the field on the right and type CTRL+R.
It will show you its current assignment and let you reassign it.

i think you dont understand me

i know how to create key commands

specific when im pressing there CTRL + R its not work

and other things its work (SHIFT + R/ CTRL+K for example)

In some cases key commands can be “stolen” by other programs which are running in the background. I had a situation in which my graphics card driver occupied key commands and I had to switch this off in the respective program.

Sorry I should have been clearer.

If you type CTRL+R into the box and it displays “Ctrl+R” like in this screenshot then you will know that Cubase is receiving the keystroke from your computer’s keyboard and the issue is occurring within Cubase. However if the field remains blank then you’ll know that the problem is occurring prior to the keystroke even reaching Cubase. For example a problem with the physical keyboard or as @jazztom suggests another program getting involved.


there is a wat to know which one is stole? cause i do restart ans its still not work

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