CTRL+SHIFT+TAB How Does it Work ?

Hi there,

I am unable to scroll back through all open windows via CTRL+SHIFT+TAB

CTRL+TAB works, but CTRL+SHIFT+TAB seems to have a different setting, and it only scrolls through the last 2 opened windows.

How can i Scroll through all opened windows via CTRL+SHIFT+TAB ?

Maybe it is easier to switch by using icons in taskbar?

I think your problem is that the shortcut in Winodows is ALT + Tab

The Windows button + Tab also works

Hi there,

No, CTRL+TAB is a key command that works Within Windows Programs

CTRL+SHIFT+TAB goes through all open windows in a reverse order

Thank you for trying to help though

I know it worked in the earlier versions just fine

I am just wondering is there something i should know how to set it up for Cubase or something?

As per Rassia’s response, it’s ALT + TAB and ALT+SHIFT+TAB on my Windows system (and always has been), as well …

No that is not the keycommand in question


is the only keycommand that scans through the windows that are opened -> Inside < -cubase

That s why i am asking, bc in Cubase 6.5 it still worked

Is there something i should set differently?

It’s something that was introduced with the new window handling system. I don’t know if it has changed for the next version, but it couldn’t hurt to post a bug report describing this unintended behaviour.