CTRL + Z doesn't work anymore

All of a sudden, it doesn’t work. I tried ‘reset to factory’, no luck.

Now that I’m at it, I have another question (maybe there’s a connection?): I 'd like to install a shorcut key combination for making selected bars into one system. I thought I had installed ‘CTRL + ALT + S’ for this function, but this doesn’t do anything.

Does anyone have experience with these things?

Greetings, Esther

most often if a keyboard shortcut was working and suddenly isn’t, it means that the keyboard has (probably accidentally) been changed to a different regional layout. I’d check this first.

Ofcourse! Thanks!

Somehow related to the topic: is there a way ctrl+z is not applied for selecting notes?
Sometimes I want to undo something, but when I press ctrl+z it goes back to the previous note selected instead of undoing something, and sometimes there may be many selected notes before actually undoing something.

On the top of my head I think an option has been added in the Preferences not to include selection in the undo list.

I’ve found this, and unmarked “Follow selection changes on undo and redo”. I supposed that would do it, but Ctrl+Z is still going back to selection of notes. Not sure why.

It could be that the pref is just not working right now. This was discussed recently.