Cu 12.0 No MIDI input on existing tracks from Cu11 Project

OS 12.3 beta5
Cu 12
Project is from 11.0.41
No MIDI input. see screen shot. before. you guys get all excited it says Keylab61 Mk2 DAW, yes I know. You can’t change it to the MIDI port, its grayed out, locked. Track itself is NOT locked. Its simply not taking input and you can’t change anything. you can’t delete the track itself !!!

Other existing MIDI tracks are also failing to take MIDI in . I can create a new instrument track and that works ok.

Then I tried a dumb guess : disable the MIDI track, then enable it. This seemed to reinitialize the track’s data. Now the MIDI input is no longer grayed out and I can change to MIDI port, or others and its working,

I still can’t delete the track though, Even if not connected to any other tracks as send / output it won’t go away, So that is a bug for sure : Can’t delete MIDI tracks.

I did some further testing - the track lock is grayed out but indicates locked. ? ? ? disable / enable , disconnect MIDI in and out, still can’t delete it.