Cuabase 7 artist and CI 2

I recently purchased Cubase 7 Artist upgrade and decided to try a Steinberg audio interface to see if I would get better results. I did and CI 2 performs much better for me than my old interface. I have a question about the AI knob though. Is it possible for me to utilize this AI knob somehow in Cubase Artist 7? The CI 2 comes with a version of 5Ai but I do not see any Cubase 7 Ai so I am guessing this is a technology no longer perused? :wink:

Any info on how I can make use of this would be a great help.

This AI technology is supported.

Go to Device > Device Setup. Click on the Remote Device folder, and click to + button on top. Find Steinberg CI device in the list, and click on it. Once it is added, click on it, and set NIDI Input and Output ports. It should works, now.

You need to install the latest Tools for CI AFTER you have installed Cubase. That provides the extensions Cubase needs in order to incorporate all the features of the CI interface.

Yes, thanks. I had already had Cubase installed. I removed the old audio and its drivers and then installed the Ci 2. The unit itself is working fine. I was just unsure about the Ai stuff and if it would work in C7.

Thanks. I will try this and let you know.