cuabse crashing on Groove Agent freeze.

Running GA3 in combination with Cubase 6.5 on mac OSX !0.9 (mavericks) causes it to crash every time when freezing the instrument.
When I contacted Steinberg support about the issue (took over a week to get an answer), the support guy just replied with a really short an useless answer:
GA3 does not work with 10.9.
He gave no useful reply such as a WORK AROUND or even a link to an upgrade path and in fact he gave a wrong answer.
GA 3 DOES WORK IN OSX 10.9, it just crashes Cubase when trying to freeze the instrument.

So for any of you with this same problem, here is my work around:

  1. Export GA as a 32bit floating point WAV or AIFF with the “IMPORT INTO PROJECT” box ticked.
  2. Save your GA settings as a USER PRESET, giving it the name similar to your project file name so that you can recall the exact settings you had set up in GA if you need to go back.
  3. Remove GA from your virtual instrument panel, thereby taking the load of your CPU and memory.

If you need to go back and change something in GA after doing the above:

  1. Add GA back into the Virtual Instrument panel.
  2. Load the specific user preset that you had saved for the project which will bring you back to where you were.
  3. Re-export as stated above
  4. Don’t forget to re-save your GA settings (if changed) over the user preset.