Cuabse pro 9 elicenser

(warning, french student using non native language)

Hello there
It is my fisrt software purchase, I have bought a cubase pro 9 educational version, wich I used yesterday to test it
I thought I activated it but I tried launching it today and I’m asked to activate the licence again…
I’m sure I did something wrong, but since I really don’t know what, I felt like the best was to ask here.
I basically activated everything, the soft was runnig great yesterday, but I may miss major stuff like, I don’t know if I have to let my usb elicenser plugged in or not (per example)

Thank you ahead,

Yes, you will always have to have the USB eLicenser plugged into the computer whilst using the software.

if that’s not it then we may need further details…screenshots can be useful

Were you asked to Activate the software again or to Register the software?
They are different actions.
Please be specific.