Cuase 9.0.10 update still crash on 'Toggle Time Base'

Project Logic Command for ‘Toggle Timebase selected Tracks’ still crashes the Program?
It’s supposed to be fixed according to the 9.0.10 Specs.

Hi dogeatdogg - FWIW, I tried this out yesterday and it didn’t crash (9.0.10).

But I didn’t have it as a preset, I had to build it by scratch. Did you have a preset?

I do. I’ve used it on 8.5 no problem but it crashes on 9.
Doesn’t matter if I use key command or selected the preset in Project Logical.

BTE. ‘Toggle All Time Base for Midi Tracks’ works.
It’s just the ‘Toggle Time Base for Selected Tracks’ function that crashes it.

Have you checked that the PLE instructions are as you would expect?

Not sure what PLE instructions are but since the function crashes Cubase 9 and that did not happen in 8.5 I assume it is a bug.
Plus, the 9.0.10 update has another major bug which I added to the forum.
When you drop Audio into sampler track the waveform disappears and there’s just the blank dialog. You can hear the sample playing but there are not visible controls and therefor you can’t edit the sample.
Back to 9.0.0

When you select toggle timebase for selected tracks you are just running a set of PLE (Project Logical Editor) instructions.

Please open PLE and list the entries in top and bottom windows when you select this preset.

I can confirm that! Crashes! Please move to Bugs.

You can report a bug yourself if you use the requested format, it will be added. But it doesn’t look like it’s a bug, maybe a corrupted preset, in which case you should delete the preset and recreate it. (there’s no point to including text from crash reports, except to clutter up the thread. Zip it and attach if you must.)

For " … Selected Tracks" here is one that works for me (thanks to Grim from another thread):

Upper Window:
Filter Target: Property
Condition: Property is Set
Parameter 1: Selected

Lower Window:
Action Target: Track Operation
Operation: Time Domain
Parameter 1: Toggle

But … did someone say there was a preset for these? I didn’t have these included in the PLE presets … I wonder if I’m missing some?

It’s not a preset! Done from scratch!

So report it.

I’m not a Beta tester. And it has been reported already. Thank you so much Steve! You’re the best!