RUNNING: Win7,i7, Cubase 6-64,KON 5,ENS PRO 5,RME 400

Can anyone tell me how to delete the empty bars on the end of Cubase projects. I’m not talking about cleaning excess midi et al from within a project. I know how to do this. I’m talking about the accrual of blank bars that get tagged onto the end of projects. Seems to be related to the “Add Silence” function, which I use a lot.
I think, first, that Cubase opens "New Project-Empty"with the amount of bars that were saved in the previous project. My current "New Project-Empty " default opens with 1770 BLANK bars.
Worse yet, I am currently working on rewrites for a project that totals itself 94 bars. Cubase however is now showing 17,774 blank bars on the end of the project, including in the Key Editor. So far I’ve found nothing to eliminate them, have talked with a Beta tester for Cub 6, he doesn’t know.
Anyone even know what Cubase would call this.
In addition to the 94 bar project is that evry time I use the “Add Silence” key pref “S” to a project Cubase extends the project by some unknown, but huge amount.
Thanks in advance!

Simply shorten the project length…?

Doesn’t work. I’ve even gone to the end of the bars and recorded out there, then tried to use the delete function. Doesn’t work. Right now my “Empty” project opens with 1778 bars. Makes fast zooms fun.
Thanks for the try.

Project setup!

Doesn’t change a thing, already didit. I’m at 1-15 default for length, I open with 1778 bars. I’ve changed that to 1-2 bars=length, shut down -reopen, Proj Set-Length 1-2 bars, open an “Empty Proj” and I open up with 1778 bars, every time. tHen the bar amounts ramp up as I work. Add Silence seems to be the cause.