Cubae 6 Using Garritan Expression Maps

I have Garritan GPO 4 and I am trying to figure out how to add their expression map to my Cubase project. I tried a simple experiment. I created in Finale a few measures of one staff of 1st violins. The first measure is running pizzicato sixteen notes followed by a measured of the same played arco. Sounds fine when played back in Finale. Then I saved the file as a MIDI file and imported it into Cubase. When I first play it back in Cubase - without having loaded any expression map at all - it plays correctly with pizz followed by arco. However, when I load the GPO Section Strings Expression Map from the Garritan VST Expression Maps folder, it loads it into Cubase’s Expression Maps Setup window but plays back the piece in arco only. In other words, not using Garritans own map seem to work but their own map doesn’t. I don’t really know how the expression maps setup window works. Though I was able to load Garritans expression map and the sound slots filled in correctly, I notice there is nothing in the output mapping section of the setup window. Should there be? When I tried adding something to the output section by clicking “+”, it automatically adds Note-On and C3 for Data 1 and 120 in the Data 2 column. However, this doesn’t correct correct the problem. Any ideas?