Cubae 7.5 2 easy questions Colour and Names

since ive upgraded to 7.5 i can handle all changes except 2:

  • i create an instrument track give it the right name and load play! for instance
  • when loading the instrument the name will automatically changed
    how can i disable that so that the track keeps the name ive given

can someone explain an efficiant way how to use the colour tool? i think there must be some trick how to be much faster than i am - click on track - click on colourtool 2twice - chose colour - click on track
thats too many steps


  1. found no way around but it doesn’t bother me much (so I’ve never really looked for a way around…)

  2. in project window hold shift (or maybe alt) and use the mousewheel

Indeed, this is very rough on anyone who browses different VSTs from the same track. After years of the tracks keeping their names, suddenly they no longer do, and to help things along, the names are changed to cryptic abbreviations (well, audio output names)– “Kt st. 1” or “Out 1” and “Master”

Yet, I am optimistic that it will be fixed in a future update.