Cubae 7 and laptops.

Hi Everyone,

New to this forum and I have tow questions.
1- Will Cubase 7 work with the new Windows 8 operating system?

2- I am ready to invest on a new laptop. I was looking at the Toshiba P870 however, I just read about the Lenovo T510, I do not know too much about lenovo laptops and how it compares to Toshiba. Any recommendations between the two?

Thanks, Astro1 :sunglasses:

  1. Been working on W8 almost entirely, the last couple months, C6.5/C7.
  2. Sorry cannot help with those LT’s.

Hi Elektrobolt ,

Thanks for your response. Have you had any issues at all while working in W8 OS?


NP, and no I have not had any issues with Windows 8, it works just fine.

Hi Elektrobolt,

Thanks for your response. I will invest on Cubase 7 and load it on to the new Windows 8 OS.