Cubans Le 4

PLEASE HELP! My boot disc crashed and so for the Cubase installation.

Now in order to reinstall my Cubans 7.5 upgrade DVD I need to first install the Cubase LE 4 for which I also have a license but the original disc cannot be read anymore.

Question - do I have to install first Cubase LE 4 or can I skip that stage and use the product key in order to install directly Cubase 7.5 (using my upgrade DVD)?

If I have to install first Cubase LE 4 - where is the full download of it? Again I have original licenses for both products.

Many thanks!

You have a USB Elicenser dongle with the Cubase 7.5 license on it, correct? If so, you don’t need to install anything but Cubase 7.5

Amazing! Thanks I will try that :slight_smile: