Cubas 12 and Alesis VI25 Controller

Google Translate. Cubas 12 and Alesis VI25 controllers. As soon as I start working with it, a window constantly opens on the C 4 key to save.Can anyone say if it’s due to Cuba’s settings, or to Alesis? Thank you in advance. Greetings Martin.

Hi @Juergen_Martin.

Could be either I suspect, but what I would try first is a Factory reset of the unit.

Thanks for the reply. I have now connected Alesis VI25 and Icon 49, and the same result. The fault lies after all
at Cubas12 but also Cubas 13.

Strange. Have you tried resetting MIDI in Cubase? MIDI > Reset.

Maybe disconnect the unit before resetting Cubase. If it doesn’t make a difference, try resetting Cubase with the unit attached.

Clearing Cubase’s Preference maybe?

Hello, problem solved. Midi assignment of controller not correct. Thank you for your help. Greetings Martin :sunglasses:

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