Cubas 8.5 does not see my outside VST plug-ins-help!!

I recently upgraded from 7 to 8.5 and the new program does not recognize any of my VST plug-ins such as Native Instruments. Ocean Way drums, Addictive drums, Real guitar, Trillian, etc… Please help.

I’m running 8.5.20, windows 7/ 64 bit with a Yamaha N12 board

In CB 8.5 open the Plug-In manager via the Devices>Plug-In Manager menu. On the Plug-In Manger screen click on the Plug-in manger setting button (near the bottom, looks like a gear). The VST 2 plug-in paths will be shown. You need to ensure your plug-ins (basically the .dll file) are installed in one of those folders or add the folder(s) that your plug-ins are already installed in. You add folder paths by clicking on the “+” button.

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Thank you so much. You’re a valuable resource!!