I have in truth said not the money to buy me an iPad or iPhone, even it´s highly recommended. I actually got an Android-Smartphone and wish i had a Cubasis-similar Applicaton for Android Users.

Thanks for listen.

IK Multimedia has said about porting Amplitube and the iRig to Android, that only Android devices marked as Pro Audio can run them. Apparently Android hardware and the OS have too much latency to use for audio applications. So I’m sure this is true for Cubase too. I think only a couple of Samsung devices fit the bill, and I have read about complaints about them too.

Apple designs their stuff to work with these kinds of apps. And in fact, Macs, iPhones, and iPads come with Garageband installed.

Thanks for explanation David,
For professional uses i would prefer of cause the use of the Personal Computer-environment. I´m not an intense App-User, so i wouldn´t route Audio to/ in or out of the Android-Smartphone. But maybe it would be a nice thing, when we could have the Option, with the related Memory-(Micro-SD)-Capacity of course, to arrange an idea just by way, when you are getting an idea of a song or when you have to go to somewhere and you want to work mobile on your project.


Last year I recorded two song demos on my iPhone while sitting in a park. I plugged my guitar in via iRig and recorded into GarageBand. When I got home GarageBand on my iMac synched up those files via iCloud and I recorded the bass tracks.

Later I did a better recording in a Cubase. So it is very handy at times!