Cubase 1.x Error Message (Again)

Hi Folks,

After opening a project I saved I get the following error message:
As you can see, the file extension (and everything else) appears to be like the other .cpr file in the folder that open properly.
Anyone else experiencing this? :confused:

Aloha M,

Looking at the 1st pic…
I do not believe it is at all possible
to load a ‘Cubase 1’ file using ‘Cubase 6’.

But I may be wrong.
Perhaps someone will chime in on this.

HTH (hope this helps)

A .cpr file supposedly created on Atari? Now that’s a weird message indeed… The file must be corrupted somehow - assuming it was created on your present Cubase 6 install…

Luck, Arjan

Hi Folks,

Yes, it was created with the latest version of Cubase 6 a few days ago. :confused:

Screenshot of the Properties of the file? Latest eLCC installed? Did you open the file for the first time from some template?

Thanks for chiming in. Any particular tab?

Yes, but no harm in reinstalling it again.

If I understand your question, yes the file was originally created from a template.

Where did the Template come from?

It’s one a several I created for myself.

What if you right-click on the file and choose Open With- Cubase 6?

The Summary tab will suffice.

Hi Nate,

Thanks. Let me know if you need more than this.


I doubt anyone else is getting this. Looks like something in your DAW is totally screwed.
You need a hands on expert to get to the bottom of it. Doubt if any forum could help.
Happy Christmas anyways. I’d leave it for a few days and enjoy something else.

A fine happy birthday! :slight_smile: Other than this (which happened once before) my DAW (and PC) are working flawlessly. I’ll work on some other projects (only having a problem with this one version of the song). Happy Holidays!

Did you use any 3rd party plugs in the project? If so, try re-naming the folder they’re in and re-starting Cubase. If that works, open a project that works and then open the problem one on top of it choosing not to Activate it. If it opens, try removing any plugs from it and then see if it will open on its own. Trashing Prefs might be an option, see sig.

Thanks for the tips, Nate. I appreciate your time. I’ll give them a try. :slight_smile:

Did you ever figure out your issue? I’m having the same issue right now:/


i’m having the same issue at the moment.

has anyone a solution to this?

i tried to open wit c6.5. and c7 on mac osx 10.8&10.6 (2 different macbooks)

thanks in advance

Hello guys I have the same problem, somebody can help me?

wierd - having this same issue, thought it was an anomaly, happens on different projects. cubase crashes then when restart message pops up