Cubase 10.0.10 Maintenance Update & Trial availability

Indeed, same here. Any solution around, a bug?

Easy to fix and bring back from the Rack menu. But anyways there seems to be sth wrong. The Rack “Hardware” is missing in Mixer 1. Mixer 2 and 3 have this option to choose. Strange, looks like Mixer 2 has now to become my Mixer 1

This update for sure killed Mixer 1. The behaviour is also strange. When you expand “Routing” the expanded “Inserts” windows will close.
Second, solution found. You have to untick “Expanded Rack Exklusiv” (hope this is the correct engl. translation) its working again.
Anyways, for any reason Mixer 1 is the target for making trouble by this update.

A completely new project is fine. So maybe some relationship to projects which were started with 9 or 9.5.

From my ride with Cubase it is ALWAYS the prefs that get hosed up and have some kind of incompatibility with the new version. Im in the habit of trashing my prefs and starting over with a new version and the problems like that which are described go away

Not in my case. I started a project with 10 and worked for more than a week on it. Now it doesn’t load in 10, only in 9.5.

I once had that on C9. Had to go back al the way to C6 to load it. Would not in C7, 7.5, 8, or 8.5. After saving in 6 it loaded again in C9 and worked ever since till finished.

For sure a good advice. But I am to lazy to start from scratch :wink: Fortunately old projects load fine, besides this weird Mixer 1 missing Hardware thing.

Huh - the trial version of Pro seems to have vanished, I’m sure it was there a couple of days ago. Just Elements there now.

Scroll down

Works fine here. Fill out the info and get the email link.

Do you have certain plug-ins in your 9.5 project that may cause the crash? I can open my 9.5 projects just fine.

I have now installed C10.0.10 update and so far everything is working as expected. No problems here. The windows open and close much nicer now.

Hmm… I should have waited till today too…

guess the install from a few days ago that I did still needs some maintenance…

"here’s hoping for better timing with the next update…

njoy everybody=)

Like most people i have plugins in my projects yes. So the question is, what did steinberg change for them to stop working?

I was thinking if you could track down the plugin that causes the crash, then you could inform about it to steinberg. It does not help much if you just say “9.5 projects crash in C10”. Since my projects open up fine in C10, even those I’ve made with C7.5 so you must have some plug-in in use that causes the crash. It would help greatly to find out what it is.

Well i guess i could spend time to track down why it crash, but isnt that steinbergs job? To not release something that crash all the time?
When i loaded a lexicon plugin it crashed. Thats how much i been trying. I will continue to work in 9.5.

Oh yea i almost forgot. I sent them a dumpfile the day after they release 10 cus mine crashed.
I got an answer earlier this week when they sent me this.
"unfortunately, due to maintenance work on our servers, the processing of incoming emails has been delayed. I’m sorry that your inquiry could not be answered within an acceptable period. Please excuse the inconvenience!

Please let you try to read this knowledge base article "

I never used track colors so they didnt even bother to look at the crashdump.

Thanks Matthias, I’m really looking forward to the next two updates but this is a great start. Merry Xmas and happy new year.

Thanks shanabit - I think it’s very badly worded but you’re quite right. I’ll pass this info on, I’m Cubase 10’d up, but someone on another forum was asking where it had gone.

I am sorry to say this, but cubase 10 - 10.0.10 should not have been released in this state.


The question is, why that works and what Steinberg messed up in C10? Also, if you set compatibility mode to Windows 8, projects do load. There must be something wrong on Steinberg’s side. No doubt!