Cubase 10.0.10 Maintenance Update & Trial availability

I know this is a trial, but the release version was way more stable for me. Getting a lot more crashes and some weird loading issues, with missing files that don’t even exist with ridiculous names. Going back…

If your screen is higher resolution, enable the HiDPI and it might help better.

I just LOVE all the errors I am getting in 9.5.41 now since I moved the TRIAL license to another e licenser .


Yea they did something to the system that makes alot of plugins to crash, hopefully they can fix it.
I never had problems with an unstable cubase until this 10 version.

Although music production is a hobby for me,I have been using Cubase 10.without any problems so far
In fairness,I don’t have the time (due to work commitments),to actually use Cubase 10,all the time,to discover the bugs and issues.
But I am a little disappointed in that I paid for the upgrade,from 9.5 to 10, hoping for a stable upgrade,only to read all about the issues and people are suffering from.

Only been a couple of days but Cubase 10.0.10 install is working fine for me (trial license) and 9.5.41 hasn’t been impacted. I made sure all my plugins were updated and I had a complete system back-up (just in case) prior to installation. So far both new and old projects are working just fine and I’m getting a feel for some of the new features. Real-time peformance meter is also a lot less spiky than it used to be so performance appears to be better - I didn’t expect this with only 8 logical cores. Certainly a welcome improvement.

I feel for those of you struggling with issues, restore your back-up, make music, wait for next patch, it will come good.

Please. Re-implement (for windows) :

“Intstall only for me” (not “install for everyone”)

Not everyone needs this installed obviously.

thank you

edit ->Lets hope that these kind of super-buggy updates are not being “hyper-normalized” by Steinberg in the hope to “hyper-sensitze” users to these kinds of oversights and lack of quality controls… I do not care for this kind of “malignant narcissistic” / “sadistic” behaviour coming from SB.

So - lets make 2019 a good year for us all. no matter if young or old , user or dev, producer or consumer… Lets raise the bar again to a comfortable level and “niveau”… =)
Good luck and all the best to everybody. =)

trying to test the trial of pro 10 i am with 9.5 … but can not download from the assistant (failed only pro 10 doesnt work when i try do download something) any working link may be ? or this is a 6th sense sign not to waste time for the next couple of months as seeing the overall feedback here in the forum :smiley:

HIDPI still causes clipping issue on some plugins.
Cubase 10.0.10 with Play engine (East-west sampler) still clipped if HiDPI option is enabled as the attachments.

Other DAWs with HiDPI support has no issues.
Also, Studio One and Ableton use SetThreadDpiAwarenessContext() functions to create plugin HWND so it supports scales up Non-DPI aware plugins (yep plugins from lazy devs) Please add this feature!

Edit: Typo

For all the crashes: I’d check which audio precision is set and also which file format / type and finally sampke rates. Some issues were only related to a specific setting in the audio and file format options.
This may explain why crashes with plugs do not happen in previous versions since these settings were not available…

Cubase 10 is a joke, I updated it yesterday with this new update in hope of some nice improvements and fixes but after 10 mins I had my very first BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH!
I have gone back to 9.5 and it works beautifully…thank goodness.

It would be an idea to refund us all until such time as a proper working validated Cubase 10 hits the streets without most of us suffering this awful experience. I really don’t think we should be asked to pay to suffer these terrible afflictions which not only effect our workflow but could be damaging our systems.

A few bugs are to be expected as normal but so many issues in one release is out of order, seems like a new bunch of kids have been brought into the Cubase project and are trying to cram a lot of stuff into the program (which in itself is not a bad thing) but fixing stuff which ain’t broke is a bad idea.

They have tampered with almost everything which was working fine and managed to ruin it, why? additions and improvements are one thing, but changing what works nicely for people and offering them alternatives (or not, in the case of the new right click missing menu) which don’t work, is a no go area.

This is gonna be a long winding and strenuous road to get 10 working as it should for most people, and will take years. If it was anything else, I would be suing for compensation with so many hours lost and ruined projects etc…however I vote for a refund and get this thing back to the drawing board, and once everything has been sorted (at Steinberg/Yamaha’s expense-NOT OURS) then, and only then I would be more than happy to pay for a program that actually does what it says on the tin!

Still crashing 9.5 projects for me as well

Happy NY Matthias, any eta on the next update? Planning lots of big projects and weighing the pros/cons of using Cubase 10 vs 9.5 for some projects, would be great to know when roughly to expect the next update. Thanks!

Crashing a lot of my older projects… I narrowed it down to some Softube plugins, but all works perfect in 9.5.

Any idea on this new update ?

Hi Matthias,

Thank you very much for listening and fixing the “path behaviour” in the latest patch.

Could you please also add the same code to the “path” in the “render in place” box - it has the exact same issue.

Could you please also action the request to make the audio export window re-sizeable (and for it to remember that behaviour) as lots of people have pointed out the new “Channel Selection” window is way too small and if you have long file names it’s a nightmare to try and navigate. We need to be able to re-size it to how it was in all previous versions of Cubase please.

Two tiny changes which will make a MASSIVE difference to daily workflow.

Thank you.

Will the resizable rightclick toolbox also be back in a future update? (= less mouse movement…)
Furthermore 10.0.10 seems functioning fine here, not too many crashes or bugs in my workflow.

(The only thing I never get used to is the inversed mousewheel Panner setting for Audio- and Instrument Tracks compared to MIDI Tracks, but this lasts already many Cubase editions…)



I can’t even load a lot of 9.5 projects. C10 goes poof. This is an absolute joke

This has been discussed in a few threads on the forum. It seems to largely relate to softube, soundtoys and autotune plugins I believe, updating the plugins fixes the problem. Are you using any of those?