Cubase 10.0.10 Racks gone from mixer

With the update to CB 10.0.10 the racks are gone from the mixer!

The faders take all space in the window. Not possible to resize vertically.
On the toolbar is indicated that all racks are visible but they do not show up.
Mixer 2 and 3 are functioning normally.

I have tried to start up without preferences, no results
Same situation on a new factory preset project…

I had the same problem but I just enabled the racks. Use the setup window layout to select the ones you want. The icon for it is to the upper right and has a square box with a cog wheel in it.

Ah there it is!
That solves my issue. I was playing with the dropdown menu where you can select which racks should be shown and the menu where you can indicate to show a fixed amount of slots.
Thx John, much appreciated.

Glad to help.